What is the most that affects and gets into you , That changed the way you think about your career?

Featured story by Faysal Alghoula. Edited on 05-03-2017

My story happened when I was an intern physician in Tripoli central hospital, my patient was a 16 years old male, admitted as a case of Goodpasture syndrome, and I was the one who wrote his admission orders. His condition was stable initially and he did not want to be admitted.

Within the 1st two days of his admission his condition deteriorated and he developed bronchial hemorrhage. ‏ We were unable to safe him, as he needed to do Plasmapheresis which unfortunately wasn't available at our facility.

The patient drowned in his own blood (literally).

‏He was my first patient to die, This situation has it's deep impact on me.

‏Even after five years I still remember every detail of that patient's face and the details of his case, Since that day I decided to specialize in Critical care and pulmonology . ‏Before this case I was dealing with the patients as if they were exam cases, As if they were puzzle to be solved, I think that many of you are like me, But after this case I realized how serious is the situation.
‏That I'm in a profession where human life is on the stake, So I consider this as a turning point in my career, it's as important as my graduation or when I got matched

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